Digger’s sigthseeing: “Reinkrueger-Baldone” | my Yellow box of photography

Digger’s sigthseeing: “Reinkrueger-Baldone”

Exploration object – Baldone’s sanatorium.
History and very interesting short introduction video about this place in it’s working days can be found here baldone.lv
Real shame about government’s strategies on how things should be done.

We started with the biggest building. No warning signs, no difficulties to enter.

Huge mess and destruction greeted us.

“WOW…come here” said louldy my companion. Hall was big and very atmospheric. When we were standing on the stage I felt like I still feel the people here sitting in chairs and watching the performance.

Увидев это мы дико ржали…

Going higher, every floor was more and more destructed, the last one was completely ruined and water was filling the floor.

Next building. The place of special procedures.

We couldn’t resist to try the health bath.

And the last palce – I guess it’s a gym building.
Absolutely ruined, and while we were exploring maybe 5-6 persons were passing us by, cutting and carrying away last pieces.

During the walk we found our today’s artefact.

An attic was the perfect place.

Photosession must be done – challenge accepted.
And this is how Reinkrueger was created.