Digger’s sigthseeing: "Bunker - Mucenieki” | my Yellow box of photography

Digger’s sigthseeing: “Bunker – Mucenieki”

Sunday morning. And we are on our way to snowy adventures under the ground.
Ten minutes later we have our unexpected passenger. One legged man hitch-hiking us. We immediately stopped our vehicle to give him a ride. While he took his time with getting inside the car  I looked at my partner and we both remembered Harry from the New Year’s story. Similar face shape, sloppy clothes and the magic “odeur”.
Few kilometres further was his house. We kindly refused his potion gift offer as-well as to be invited to his house. We farewelled each other and got back on our way.

We found the place, we found correct road, but…
at one point it’s not possible to go further…

After 15 minutes of walking around we see some plowed field, and deeper in the trees some signs we were searching for. We tried several potential entrances with no luck.

Finally. Here we go.

Generally everything was similar to the rocket base except many floors, water and rocket silos. But we didn’t expect that it will be so big anyway.

And of course. Photoshooting in the dark.

Flashlight is our friend in any situation.

Bang! and the result is…

Another pleasant surprise…huge hangar !
Definitely we must make a photo here !!!

I used only magic flashlight tool. Fallout guys ! +}

Way more intriguing is not to go back all the way to the entrance and to use “emergency exit “.

Gladly when we got out it was still light outside and we knew where we were. Always nice relief.