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Digger’s sigthseeing: “Eleja’s rocket base”

“Elejas raķešu bāze” in other words it’s an abandoned military rocket base.
All the evening we were looking for locations and defining main objects to explore. Early wake up was waiting us.Two hours on the road and we are there.
We searched for not obvious turn from the highway to the sovietic military road leading deep in to the forest by frozen asphalt. Of course gps couldn’t say where is this road but luckily we found the right turn. At the end of the road hills out of the ground blocked our way and we had to equip ourselves and move further by feet.

This is the entrance we were searching for half an hour. And as we were underground we found that this is the only entrance available.

We faced absolute darkness and long corridors. It was very nice to realize that we forgot our only light in the car. In the middle of this hall was a big hole that we had to cross to get somewhere. And only bridge was just an old wooden plank. Well, we took the risk.

At first we were very cautious so not to get lost in this labyrinth of silent hill. First floor was dry, rooms were destroyed and we could feel the scent of this place.

Stairs to the second floor were made by enthusiastic diggers that were here before. And as we went downstairs we were surprised by…water. And of course we were prepared to walk in water…with our sneakers +}

This is the only way how to move around on the second floor.

Some ways were leading supposingly to cargo rooms, other to rooms full with water. And some were just blocked.

The way to third floor was already underwater. We didn’t have any costumes and I guess we are not so crazy yet. There are rumors that two Lithuanian guys drowned during underwater exploration here in one of Latvian rocket silos.

Finally we found place were they held rocket. Strange feeling took over seeing something big under the ground, and especially were floor itself was kinda loose.

I took the risk to approach it first and look inside this monster’s mouth. It was eating you with it’s big echo, green water was trying to get you into it and darkness was killing last surviving hopes. I would say it’s as scary as it was looking into the tower black pit during the night.

Imagine this touching with no light.

Our underground team.

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