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Digger’s sigthseeing: “Sloka’s paper factory” part II

Continuing the first part of the story.

Final destination: Sloka’s paper factory.

This is the biggest abandoned place we have visited until now. Enormous . The first thing you see at the entrance is this.

Mountains of paper-plastic leftovers and other things what makes the walking difficult and kinda dangerous.

Even watching where I put my feet I managed to fall when I was crossing the trash mountain and fell directly on the hard ground with my bag and camera. As we can see camera survived the hit and me too. Be careful !

Many of these complexes would be more interesting if stairs wouldn’t be destroyed.

No stairs, but at least there are big holes through floors in case you have a hook.

Here we decided to relax, drink tea and make some photos.

Continuing further on outside territory …

The photo which describes my impression about this place.

And here goes the dessert. Sweet part which made the scariest impression .
Night, old metal stairs on old unsafe tower. Arms muscles get tired, the higher you get the stronger is the wind. Few more steps. What a good feeling to get to the checkpoint, another on the way. Only you, tripod and your camera can hear the rapid heartbeat. Second checkpoint, photo making stop. 10 minutes and panorama done.
What about looking inside the black pit ?  … +}

As usually we are very opened to new participants and models .
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The post was done in collaboration with my friend okami-ae, see his vision here.