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Digger’s sigthseeing: “Sloka’s paper factory” part I

Our new object is the biggest former paper factory in the Baltic countries. Surprisingly big was the trip to it and around. It took us all day to explore all surroundings and even then we didn’t manage to see everything that was offered.
Detailed history of this place here at okami-ae blog , but I will continue concentrating on pictures. Here is the map.

First stop: an old mill that looked like an ancient virgin sacrifice place.
I think I should do some thematic photoshoot there.

Not far from the mill  we found a factory we didn’t expect. An old concrete factory, which was also interesting, but unfortunately everything was demolished until the last piece.
No stairs left, no views from roof, no photos.

We always find some clues of past lives. “Arrangement of Love” says the title of the book which was given to a girl named Ilze.

Next to our main object we found, as was described by one of the men we met, and old “Disco House”. The real function of the building was a place for workers, a hostel, to rest, to have a dinner and of course to have parties.

The disco hall. Big and magnificent look from inside.

Luckily all stairs were intact and we could have a look from the roof.

Going down to the basement floor we found long, dark hall leading nowhere.
But scary as a hell if you are alone.

An entrance to the second part of this post. The main objective.

People or models who are interested to participate are welcome +}

To be continued…