Digger’s sightseeing: “Mangaļsalas bunkuri” | my Yellow box of photography

Digger’s sightseeing: “Mangaļsalas bunkuri”

My first shooting place closely connected with such thing called digging. I will call this place “Mangaļsalas bunkuri” is the possible name and i will not dig into the history of this place, here my friend already did it http://okami-ae.livejournal.com/195292.html
Place looked promising and combination of model and unknown place is always intriguing. However we didn’t find anything too much interesting because bunkers were not deep and generally there were no leftovers to see. Maybe we didn’t know some entrance, so if somebody does know please share. Anyway it is worth seeing this place. Here is short overview and the result. …see map

And here is the final result of this shooting.

Gas mask latvia